The modular design of the valve

Offenvanger GmbH develops and manufactures solenoid valves for refrigeration equipment and air-conditioning with a focus on transport and laboratory refrigeration. Apart from the standard version, there are also special valves, for example, for inert gases and aggressive environment, as well as for industrial applications.

Our valves have been successfully used throughout Europe in the largest laboratories and companies producing refrigeration units, refrigerators, compressors, air conditioners for vehicles.

Our customers are "Webasto", "Konvekta, Carrier Sütrak", "Thermo King", "Weiss Umwelttechnik", "Vötsch", "Leica", "Bejaro", "Julabo", "Stiebel Eltron", "Behr Industrietechnik" and many others.

LLC "Offenwanger" is a company with enormous experience in various fields of modern production. We follow industry and always use the newest technologies in the field of development, manufacture and production of solenoid valves. It is important for us to satisfy the highest needs of our customers.

In 2009, we opened a branch in St. Petersburg to be closer to our clients.

Compact, quiet, cost-effectiveness and durability are the main characteristics and strengths of the electromagnetic valves of the company "Offenwanger" (ISO 9001), allows us to remain the world leaders in the industry for many years. We stand behind the quality of our products, keep the reasonable pricing, are proud of the high level of service and irreproachable adherence to delivery in time. We provide not only finished products but also special orders. With each client, we work individually.

We are sure that with our solenoid valves, you can improve the quality of your product, and we will be glad to have a new decent partner.