Valves for refrigeration industry (Offenwanger GmbH)

The valves for refrigeration industry (Offenwanger GmbH) were eliminated all the disadvantages of existing analogues. Today Wolfgang Offenwanger, a head of the Offenwanger GmbH company, answers questions of the magazine "Imperiya Holoda"

— Mr. Offenvanger, as far as we know, main markets for your company — Western Europe and the middle East. Which industries are the main consumers of your products?

— The consumption of valves is very wide. It is the commercial and industrial cold, air conditioning for transport, trucks, compressors, medical and research laboratories. We work very closely with the food industry. In addition, our products are actual in areas where involved various liquids and gases (carbon dioxide and natural gases, freons, etc.).

— What are the number of well-known companies-customers that have used your valves.

— I'm afraid the listing would take up too much space. This, for example Webasto, Spheros, Konvekta, Carrier, Sutrak, Thermo King, Weiss Umwelttechnik, Votsch, Leica, Bejaro, Julabo, Stiebel Eltron, Behr Industrietechnik, Frigoblock, Aurora, Thermalwerke, Waeco, Westermann, EVO-Bus...

Need to say that all buses long-haul flights and most of the trucks, cameras, climate simulation and laboratory refrigeration units are equipped with our valves.

Your company is highly specialized?

— Yes, that narrow specialization was developed in all details, and it is a serious trump card in the competition for the market. Unlikely for our competitors, where a wider range of products, Offenwanger GmbH for many years engaged in the development and improvement exclusively solenoid valves for different environments and applications. Therefore the technical performance and characteristics of our products much higher.

— Tell us more about the technical characteristics of products of your company.

Our solenoid valves are arranged in such a way that can be used in refrigerant circuits for adjustment and overlapping gases and liquids (R22, R134a, etc.).

• Medium temperature: -40°C to +150°C

• Maximum working pressure: 30 bar

• Operating differential pressure: 0 to 30 bar

• Nominal coil power: 6 watts (for tubes from 6 mm. to 22 mm.) or 10 watt ( for tubes from 28 mm to 42 mm.)

• Voltage: 12 or 24 volt DC, 110 or 230 volts AC (50/60 Hz)

• Protection class: IP 65

• Mounting: in any position.

What are your intentions regarding work in the Russian market?

— Considering standards of our valve, we decided to enter the Russian market for mutually beneficial cooperation. We will ensure our clients not only by quality products but also timely delivery. Our office is located in St. Petersburg.

In Russia, we intend to expand already existing contacts, to create a stock of products to respond to customers ' needs; to ensure their maintenance; and assist in the supply of valves from manufacturer.

We plan to establish the manufacture of our products in Russia.

About the President of the company Offenwanger GmbH

Mr. Wolfgang Offenwanger began work on the design of the electromagnetic valve in German company HERION in 1973. They developed and patented the concept of the structure of the valve, the principle of which is radically different from the valves of the competitors a year later. This advantage persists to this day. Mr. Offenwanger established himself as a professional over 11 years of experience in HERION for designing and developing valves for various industries.

Experience and achievements were the result why he was invited to the company ASCO JOUCOMATIC in 1984 to the position of technical Director where he designed a proportional valve.

In 1991, gained experience and research of market asserted his need of developing an entirely new product, fundamentally different from existing analogues, which would meet all modern requirements. This idea contributed to the opening of his own company for the production of valves, which eliminated all disadvantages of existing valves. Since then, Offenwanger GmbH for many years produces valves for the refrigeration and other industries.

The magazine "Imperiya Holoda", 2010, May