Offenwanger GmbH

For over 20 years the company has specialized in the development , production and sales of electromagnetic ( solenoid ) valve

Product features

  • Modular concept
  • Compact design
  • High flow rate
  • Long life span
  • Low noise switching
  • Simple assembly
  • No Switching voltage peaks
  • Low energy requirement

History of the company

1992 year

The company was founded in 1992 year as a private property in Oelbronn-Duerrn.

Offenwanger successfully performs Development, production and sales of small-, compact and extremely powerful solenoid valves for refrigeration. Offenwanger (Mix & Match) valve circuit is used.

1995 year

Transformation into a GmbH (limited company) in Neulingen-Goebrichen.

Our valves are used for various applications of refrigeration and acclimatization systems for trucks and omnibuses and many different medical scopes.

The company is leading among of well-known OEM producers in the transport, medical and laboratory equipment inside and outside country. We expand export of our products into east European direction, mainly into Russia.

2015 year

Establishment of a new management structure.

We never stop researching of a new technical solutions and the product line. Besides that, we optimize our main scope in transport, heating, ventilation and conditioning systems.