Electromagnetic valves for air conditioning

Nowadays the market of component parts for cooling systems is extensive and diverse. This also applies to solenoid valves. Among all representatives, the leading position is occupied by the German company Offenwanger. It is focused on the development and production this type of thing.

Price is the first moment that a person pays attention to when buying a solenoid valve for an air conditioner. At Offenwanger the principle of conformity and quality is working. By choosing the products of this manufacturer, you get lot of its advantages:

  • The possibility of exploitation in both neutral and aggressive environment;
  • The choice of using of metals (brass, aluminum, steel) for the production;
  • Presence of modular design;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Economy;
  • Provision of sealing;
  • Durability;
  • Reliability;
  • Ease of installation and so on.

Where can I buy a solenoid valve for air conditioning?

Offenwanger offers you to buy wholesale and retail electromagnetic (solenoid) valves for air conditioning. You just need to place an order. If necessary, you may contact our consultants. They will provide complete reliable information on the parameters and capabilities of the products, as well as on the features of the installation.

To make an order and specify ways of delivery it is possible right now. The range offered will satisfy all your needs.

Support for Offenwanger

Монтаж климатических систем – процесс специфический и сложный. Мы подберем продукцию с необходимыми характеристиками, которая будет подходящей для решения ваших задач, а также поможем сделать заказ и уточнить способы доставки.

If necessary, we can make customized electromagnetic valves, considering the characteristics you provided. Offenwanger will be useful not only at the stage of installing a new cooling system. Using our products, you can upgrade already installed.

More pros of Offenwanger

The coil of the solenoid is designed in such a way as to avoid overheating. In addition, it is interchangeable for nodes with identical standard sizes. Built-in diode bridge protects the coil from combustion and allows the device to be noiseless.

Mechanical nodes will be able to function without interruption for more than twenty million switching operations. Offenwanger valves can withstand pressures up to 30 bar. They are stable to serve at temperatures from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius.

There are several ways of joining. In addition to the flare nut and the possibility of soldering, the valves are designed with the possibility of connecting pipes with both internal and external threads. This ensures tightness and allows the use of Offenwanger devices in various systems without their conversion. There is a possibility of fastening to pipes of both inch and metric standards. The entire range is manufactured in full compliance with ISO 9001.