Solenoid valves for freon

Offenwanger offers you to buy electromagnetic (solenoid) valves for freon wholesale and retail. We will help you find products with the necessary characteristics, suitable for solving your problems, make an order and specify the methods of delivery. To receive the necessary information, please visit

Corporate style Offenwanger products

The company's efforts are focused on the development and improvement of 2/2-way solenoid valves for freon, as well as other gases and liquids used in refrigeration systems. Possible way of using:

  • Regulating the movement of the refrigerant in a two-compartment refrigerator with one compressor: it closes the freon valve in one circuit, transferring the circulation to the other. Thus, independent cold consumption by two chambers from one source is ensured;
  • Closing the supply of coolant or gas when the set temperature is reached. The compressor switches off during the temperature balance at the set limits. There is a saving of resources;
  • If the limit value is reached, it is using as a freon safety valve.

A narrow specialization has allowed Offenwanger to look good at market. The solenoid valve of freon has special characteristics compared to other market players:

  • The operating temperature range is in the range from -40 ° C to + 150 ° C;
  • The differential pressure during operation is from 0 to 300 bar;
  • 6W solenoid power for tubes 6-22 mm and 10 W - over 28 mm;
  • Control is carried out by direct current (12 and 24 V) or alternating (110 and 230 V);
  • It covers and regulates the freon valve at any position in space.

The main advantages of the freon solenoid valve from Offenwanger:

  • Modular construction;
  • Energy efficiency;
  • Great resource;
  • Compactness;
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • High throughput;
  • Noiseless;
  • Preservation of efficiency in conditions of voltage drop.

You can use configurator to place ease the order. On the website:

The configurator sequentially specifies the choice of the electromagnetic valve for Freon, moving from the equipment category to the screwed part. Then the casing, power supply and direct ordering. Simple and easy.

When choosing a case, attention is drawn to the type of connection with the contour of the appropriate size:

  • • internal or external thread;
  • • flaring;
  • • Welding;
  • • soldering, including mating with a copper branch pipe.