Solenoid valves for gas equipment

General Product Description

The German company Offenwanger is the leader at the production of solenoid valves. Twenty-year experience allows developers to introduce the latest technology at the products. All this is done in order to satisfy the most demanding customers.

The devices offered by Offenwanger are used in various systems, including gas supply.

Analyzing the name "electromagnetic", we can understand that the principle of work is based on the electromagnet (solenoid). Therefore, the valves are sometimes called solenoid valves.

This device has a locking mechanism.

The question "Why is Offenwanger?" Can be answered after evaluating all the advantages of this product.

Why is only Offenwanger?

The valves design makes possible to achieve absolute quiet operation. This is done for the comfort of users. Also great importance is economic efficiency. Power consumption is low.

Modularity of assembly is one of the main advantages of Offenwanger. In the event of a breakdown, you do not need to change the entire valve. It is enough to replace the coil or the screwed part.

At the same time, it is worth to mention about throughput of the Offenwanger’s valves. This parameter leaves far behind many competitors. The modularity of the design allows select the body in the way to obtain the required throughput (kV).

It is used in the production of alloys, developments and technologies, it gives nodes more reliability. For example, each Offenwanger valve can repair more than twenty million lock / unlock cycles without repair. Each valve produced by Offenwanger is tested, which ensures a 100% reliability guarantee.

Buyers are always looking on price while choosing an electromagnetic valve for gas. You will get full compliance with cost and quality choosing Offenwanger. None of the competitors will be able to provide valves with similar characteristics at such a low price.

The Offenwanger range is very extensive. Now the production of gas solenoid valves has been set up to ensure:

  • • spent gas recirculation;
  • • ventilation of gases in the crankcase;
  • • gas distribution;
  • • other purposes.

The functionality allows the use of Offenwanger valves in the device of gas columns and boilers.

In addition to the standard locking units, it is possible to order the manufacture of valves according to individual characteristics. The principle of modularity allows us to make it, which is used in the design. The coil (solenoid) is suitable for any valves with identical geometric characteristics.

The achievement of designers is the use of a diode bridge. This avoids overheating of the valve and further failure. The Offenwanger coil offers fire protection.

Moreover, high-quality materials used in the manufacture of valve elements allow them to operate at both low (-196 ° C) and high (+70 ° C) temperatures. The limit of -196 degrees is set for liquid nitrogen. The maximum pressure of the suppressed gas is 300 bar. The aggressiveness of the environment in which the operation takes place does not affect the operating parameters on the Offenwanger’s valves. Locking mechanisms Offenwanger carry aggressive environments without loss of efficiency.

Buy a solenoid valve for gas equipment for wholesale or retail at a low price - a simple task.

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