Solenoid valves for refrigeration

Offenwanger offers you to buy wholesale and retail electromagnetic (solenoid) valves for refrigeration. We will help you find products with the necessary characteristics, suitable for solving your problems, make an order and specify the methods of delivery. You can find out more about the offer on the website at the link:

Unique developments Offenwanger

The reason of high demand refrigerated valves is technical characteristics, which are one step more than other manufacturers. To achieve this result helped right strategy of the company- a narrow specialization in the development and modernization of products. The solenoid valve of the refrigerator was the result of continuous improvement at the technological process. The valve have unique data:

  • It is allowed to operate over a wide range of temperatures. -40 ° C is the lowest operating point of the valve. + 150 ° С - the highest;
  • Ensures stable operation of the refrigeration system in the range of the refrigerant pressure values ​​from 0 to 300 bar;
  • The power of the coil is selected depending on the diameter of the tubes of the refrigerator. Up to 22 mm, a solenoid of 6 watts is used. Over - by 10 W;
  • The DC voltage is 12 or 24 V. Variable: 110 or 230 V;
  • Dust and moisture protection of the housing corresponds to class IP65;
  • Installation in any position is possible.

At work it is noiseless. Compared with similar products of other manufacturers consume less energy.

Offenwanger refrigerant solenoid valves are made up from separate modules:

  • Body of the appropriate size. The V0 series indicates the connection to the internal thread on the contour. V1 - flaring. V2 - an external threaded fastener with a seal. V3 - connection of pipes for soldering or welding. V5 - soldering the copper pipe;
  • The screwed module is mated with the body on the threaded connection. The core inside moves in proportion to the voltage at the input of the coil, changing the throughput of the refrigeration valve;
  • The coil is put on the screwed module and fixed with a nut;
  • The connector is connected to the coil via a plug-in device.

Thus, based on one housing, it is possible to assemble electromagnetic valves for refrigeration equipment with characteristics that are optimally suited to a refrigerator.

Electromagnetic valves for refrigeration equipment can be purchased easily.

Contact details can be found on the website: There is also a configurator - a tool for remote selection of the refrigeration valve and the application. The interface is understandable. Follow variety of choice of the required equipment.

The operational stock of production allows to react in the shortest time on the request of consumers. Our experts will provide after-sales service, will assist in the delivery of products.